About Our Parent Company LUXITA




Tokyo Threading is managed by LUXITA Co. Ltd., which offers services in three areas of services:

  • Salon management

  • Cosmetics Branding and Sales

  • Women’s empowerment workplace consulting 


Salon management

LUXITA owns and operates two salons:

  • Tokyo Threading in Meguro

  • LUXITA Salon at the ShangriLa Hotel


Cosmetic Branding and Sales

LUXITA produces its own nail polish and hand beauty products, which are currently sold on QVC TV Shopping Japan and at the ShangriLa Hotel. Our in-house team, together with a strong network of corporate alliances, has personally branded LUXITA cosmetics, from the packaging and design, media, events, import, warehousing, distribution and sales.


Women’s empowerment workplace consulting 

We provide out of the box consulting services for women’s empowerment solutions in the workplace. We have a strong network of female leaders, as well as mothers and students to incorporate various angles for female empowerment corporate structuring consulting. Services are offered in English and Japanese.


We are proud to say that we are avid supporters of women’s rights and empowerment, with a focus on JAPAN. 


Our personal office structure:

We aim to be a role model for corporations in Japan. Our parent company LUXITA offers full time, part-time and remote working options specifically catered to the needs of our all-female staff


Female friendly working environment corporate commitments 



Our office structure is specifically designed by the president of our parent company LUXITA, Janica Southwick, a working mother of three. Our office working model is created to provide contracts and flexible working hours specifically to cater to the needs of the female work-force. (About our owner: Janica Southwick)


As an example: For weekly staff meetings, staff may bring children to the office or join in on conference calls from their home.



Our goal is to expedite the bridging of the gender gap initiatives in Japan. We aim to be a role model for corporations wanting to create conditions that empower and support the needs of their women’s workforce



We associate with companies and persons, who support bridging the gender gap in Japan.